Eighties thrash-metal rockers Death Angel made a name for themselves as one of the San Francisco Bay area’s best bands—before breaking up at the end of that decade. Since reforming in 2001, the group has been recording and touring on virtually a nonstop basis. Ted Aguilar, the band’s rhythm guitarist, spoke recently about his preference for TASCAM gear.

“I’m a gear nut,” said Aguilar, “and I've always used TASCAM gear. When I think of TASCAM, I think of great sound. I started with a 424 4-track PORTASTUDIO, then got a 424mkII and a 488. I still have my 424mkII, and it still works. Now I've moved to the Digital PORTASTUDIO DP-24, which is digital and gives me 24 tracks and very nice effects. I thought I'd be overwhelmed by the additional features but the DP-24 still feels and works like a PORTASTUDIO.”

Death Angel

Aguilar went on to describe himself as an “old school guy” when it comes to recording.

“I like to push faders when recording or when I get an idea,” he explained. “I tried all the cool computer stuff but I always kept coming back to TASCAM PORTASTUDIOs. They make it easy to lay down an idea, and I feel comfortable working with them. Once you get to know the DP-24, it's pretty much plug-and-play. You don't connect it to the Internet, so you don't worry about viruses. And with a PORTASTUDIO, you tend to think about the music as a whole rather than editing notes one at a time. I don't want to lose that human element, which is really important.”

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