Ben Watt

David Gilmour will make a rare live appearance tonight to play three songs at the Islington Assembly Hall, London show of Everything But The Girl multi-instrumentalist Ben Watt.

Gilmour performed a cameo on Watt’s critically acclaimed Hendra album: he contributes slide guitar and backing vocals to the song “The Levels.” Hendra - Watt’s first solo album for over 30 years - is described as “a meeting of worlds: languid folk, distorted rock and buzzing electronics; in part a result of the album's two central collaborators, ex-Suede guitarist, Bernard Butler, and Berlin-based producer Ewan Pearson.” Butler is also appearing in Watt’s live band, so it’s a rare opportunity for fans to see two generations of British guitar hero sharing the same stage.

“We met by chance last September just before my album,’ Watt says of Gilmour. “It has all just fallen into place since then. First the album cameo and now this. He came down to rehearsal today to play pedal steel on “The Levels” - the album track he’s on - and now he’s joining in on three. His lead playing is just great. It is an honor to be up there with him and Bernard Butler at the same time.”

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