David Bowie

David Bowie released his latest album, The Next Day, in March, but so far, the famed singer-songwriter has expressed no desire to perform live in the support of the release. Now, it appears some big-named promoters are trying to convince Bowie to return to the stage, and they’re offering up some big bucks to make it happen.

According to U.K. newspaper The Mirror, Live Nation has promised a multi-million-pound sum of money to get Bowie to perform in 2014 at Olympic Park in East London, England. Moreover, promoters at AEG Live are apparently putting together a similar pitch to get Bowie to perform next year at London’s Hyde Park.

The Mirror goes on quote a source close to Bowie who says that while he “currently [has] no live dates planned,” he isn’t completely against playing live again.

Bowie’s last run happened in 2004, but when he suffered a heart attack, the tour ended early. Bowie’s last public show was back in 2006.