Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl has already conquered film with his documentaries Foo Fighters: Back and Forth and Sound City, and now, the Foos frontman and former Nirvana drummer has scored his own HBO TV series. Classic Rock magazine is reporting that Grohl’s upcoming series will be about interesting recording studios around the country and the brains and talent behind the studios.

If that synopsis sounds familiar, it’s because the idea stems from Grohl’s Sound City documentary. Sound City told the story of the famed California studios, where Nirvana recorded the group’s sophomore album Nevermind, and countless other musicians and bands have laid down tracks.

A few of the studios set to be featured in Grohl’s new show include Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago, which is owned by Nirvana producer Steve Albini; Inner Ear Studios in Washington, D.C.; Ranch de la Luna Studios in Joshua Tree, Calif., which is where Foo Fighters are believed to be recording their new album; and more.

The series has yet to get a moniker, but it’s expected to be a part of the HBO winter schedule.

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