In advance of the release of the new Foo Fighters album, frontman Dave Grohl took on a tour of his garage and home, where the band recorded and mixed everything. Between acting as tour guide and explaining how he and the boys went completely analog this time out, he gushed about his Gibson Trini Lopez guitar.

“This guitar I’ve made every single Foo Fighters record with,” said Grohl, while holding the hollowbody guitar. “This is a [expletive] beautiful guitar. I saw this in a guitar shop in Bethesda, Maryland. I think it was 1992, ’93 or something like that. I think I was still in Nirvana when I bought it. I thought it was unusual. It looks like a Gibson ES-335, except it has diamond-shaped f-holes and has this different headstock on it. And I didn’t really know anything about Trini Lopez, the artist, when I bought it.”

That guitar would inspire Grohl’s signature model, the Pelham Blue DG-335.

“This is the sound of the Foo Fighters, this guitar,” Grohl continued. “On every record, I might use different guitars now and then. For the most part, it’s just this.”

Recording and mixing for the Foo Fighters’ new album is complete. The release is expected to come out later this year.