Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker has been announced as one of the featured performers during this year’s Super Bowl pre-game festivities on Sunday (February 4th). Darius, along with Sting, will perform at the NFL Tailgate Party – you should be able to see it on NBC’s Super Bowl LII Pregame Show. Darius, a sports super-fan, is pretty happy with that. “Ever since I was five years old, I’ve loved football, and I love how physical it is,” he says. “I love the chess match of the game. I love the speed of the game. I love college football, but for me watching pro football is better because the speed is so much more. For me, there’s two times a year, man — football season and waiting for football season.”

But what about guitars? When Gibson.com calls him, we find there’s one thing he loves even more than sports and that’s his Gibson J-45s and Hummingbirds.

“For years I wanted to play Gibson,” he says. “So I got one, we got a deal with them, and I just love mine. I just know what I hear, right, and when I plugged my Hummingbird in I’d never heard any guitar sound like that. Whether it’s just straight to my ears or through a PA, it’s just what an acoustic guitar is supposed to sound like to me. Not too tinny – the very opposite, it’s just full and beautiful sounding and they’re really great for live. They sound amazing every night.”

But what about Darius, these days a country superstar, also owning a very-rock Gibson Flying V?

“I do, I do! What can I say?” he laughs. “Everyone needs a Flying V. Don’t they?”

You heard the man. Check out the new Gibson Hummingbirds, Gibson J-45s and also Gibson Flying Vs. Rucker’s most recent album, When Was The Last Time, was a country #2 and his fifth consecutive Billboard Top 10 album: he is touring up to mid-2018 with Lady Antebellum.