The Who singer Roger Daltrey is interviewed in the latest issue of Q Magazine. An excerpt has been posted on the magazine's website where Daltrey talks about his initial reaction to some of the band's most celebrated albums, like Tommy and Quadrophenia. Daltrey admits to being slightly confused upon first hearing bandmate Pete Townshend's ideas: "Did I have to ask him what the hell he was on about? All the time [laughs]," Daltrey said.

But the singer also explained that he would eventually be able to find certain subjects that he could relate to and expand upon: "But equally, there's always one sentence that comes out of that rambling brain of his that you can grasp. With Tommy it was: 'Imagine living life where you can only feel vibrations' and I could latch on to that."

In related news Daltrey recently told the London Times that The Who will record a new album this summer, their first since 2006‘s Endless Wire. Townshend has apparently written more than 100 songs for the project. Daltrey is also getting ready to start work on the band’s memoir.