Music Radar recently asked Comeback Kid guitarist Jeremy Hiebert which of his guitars he would save from a burning building.

“Most definitely my 1976 Les Paul Custom,” replied Hiebert, who co-founded the Canadian thrash-punk band back in 2000. “A few years ago I was regularly attending a monthly vegan meet-up in my home city in Winnipeg and happened to start chatting with this guy who was a professor who had just moved to the city for work.”

Les Paul Custom

Hiebert continued: “We were both just talking about our guitars and I mentioned that I wanted to get a black Les Paul Custom that was built the year I was born. He excitedly told me he had one and that he would sell it to me for a great price. I couldn’t say no to that…. I have used that guitar for over 90 per cent of my tracks on the last two records we recorded.”

Hiebert was also asked what advice he would give his younger self, if that were possible.

“Practice scales more,” he replied. “Even though we’re not a band that lends itself well to guitar solos, I just feel it would have helped make me a better player overall.”