For a band at their level, the guys in Coldplay are certainly quite productive. The band's previous album Mylo Xyloto came out in October 2011, followed by a world tour, and last year they released the song "Atlas" as part of the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. So you would think the band would take some time off and enjoy their success. Not so - the British rockers have just announced the release of their sixth studio album. Ghost Stories will be released on May 19, and you can already hear "Magic," the first single from the album. Last week the band released the experimental 5-minute track "Midnight" which will also be included on Ghost Stories.

Both songs are a departure from Coldplay's trademark sound on their last couple of releases. The music seems more introspective this time around, but whether this holds true for the entire album still remains to be seen. But even though the band has opted for a slightly different approach, it still sounds like Coldplay. The band's sound is so unmistakable and ingrained in the four musicians that whatever they do they will always have that certain feel to their songs that attract so many fans to the group.

Coldplay are getting ready to headline the iTunes festival on March 11, and we can most likely expect a proper tour to follow at some point.

Here's the tracklisting to Ghost Stories:

1. Always In My Head

2. Magic

3. Ink

4. True Love

5. Midnight

6. Another's Arms

7. Oceans

8. A Sky Full Of Stars

9. O

Listen to “Magic:”