Ever wanted to just play your guitar for 20 minutes instead of hitting that office deadline? Well, now you should ask – playing musical instruments have been proven to give great benefits on workplace health!

In a unique experiment recently conducted in Sweden, employees at We Consulting Company started a band and learned to play musical instruments during working hours. None of the employees were even experienced musicians.

The aim of the experiment was to highlight how the wellness concept can stretch beyond exercising and physical activities, while reducing stress and improving the general health of employees. The experiment, known as the Music Method, then concluded with a concert.


The results considerably exceeded expectations, said CEO Mats Rönnlund.

Töres Theorell, Professor at Karolinska institute, who has conducted ample research into the positive effects of making music, explained how playing music can be a stress-coping mechanism.

“When you play a musical instrument, the oxytocin hormone levels in the body increase, which in turn improves well-being and helps the body to defend itself against stress,” said Theorell.

“Making music clearly has a creative effect on a group or individual. It increases emotional capacity and ultimately reduces the risk of burnout.”

None of the members could play an instrument when the group was formed, but after four months of practicing they were a well-rehearsed band.

One of the songs they practised was “Rock You”, and the original artist behind the song Andreas Kleerup even turned up to watch their performance.

”We played Kleerup’s song for him, which was pretty nerve-wracking,” said Sara Kebert, the keyboardist in the band. “But he was really positive to the whole thing and supported us. I think he was quite happy that we chose one of his songs as a means to feel better at work.”