Who knew Chris Daughtry had the acting bug? As it turns out, the singer auditioned for a small role in The Dark Knight Rises last summer, and although he didn’t get the part, he still has some high hopes for an acting career. Daughtry recently tweeted that although he’s been busy working on the new Daughtry album, he’s also been practicing his acting.

Here’s Daughtry’s tweet: “While in LA, every morning before my writing sessions, I’ve been taking acting classes w/[Marjorie Ballentine]. She is INCREDIBLE & I’m learning so much!”

Ballentine is a Los Angeles-based acting coach with clients that include Gary Oldman, Krysten Ritter, Mario Cantone and more.

Daughtry isn’t exactly a newbie to acting, as he appeared on an episode of CSI: NY a few years ago.

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