Buddy Guy

Buddy Guy has some advice for radio stations: give blues music its just due. As reported by Billboard, the 77-year-old guitar legend said, “I'm not saying play the blues every day like everything else. Just play the blues two or three times a week and I'll be happy with that."

Guy’s latest release, the double-album set Rhythm & Blues, features guest appearances from veterans and younger artists, including Gary Clark Jr. The blues great said artists such as Clark Jr. and 14-year-old six-string sensation Quinn Sullivan are giving the genre renewed vigor, much as British players did in the ‘60s.

“In the late `50s and `60s, people in America were ignoring guys like B.B. King and T-Bone Walker," explained Guy. “When the British guys started playing the blues, people thought it was something new, but that gave the blues a lift. I'm hoping that same thing will happen with the new youngsters."