Joe Bonamassa

On March 26 blues aficionado Joe Bonamassa will release his new live CD and DVD. But this time we will be treated to a more mellow side of the guitarist. An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House will showcase Joe doing acoustic interpretations of songs from his entire career. Says Joe to Billboard: "We've been kind of woodshedding the acoustic thing for many years. I do a little bit in the live show, but this is the first time I ever decided to do a full-on, whole-hog acoustic show."
But fans of Bonamassa's electric blues albums need not worry according to Joe: "I've been doing more acoustic stuff in the live show, but I don't really fancy doing that (in the studio)." Joe is currently on tour in Europe, and getting ready to hit the road in the US on April 10. This time around, Joe is mixing up the setlist each night, a welcome addition for his long time fans, since Bonamassa has had a tendency to always play the same set night after night. The reason for the sudden variation in his set is most likely so that Joe and the band can get ready for the four shows they have lined up in London at the end of the month. Each night Joe will play a different venue, and a different set, including one show where he'll perform as part of a trio, and one show with a horn section. Joe commented on the event, saying "I'm doing all my material, starting from way back in the day. It's going to be fun. I enjoy it, and it'll be a challenge. I haven't sung some of these tunes in a long time, so it should be a treat for me and the fans."