Bob Dylan

A recent draft of lyrics for “Like a Rolling Stone,” handwritten and signed by Bob Dylan, is up for auction, with a starting price of $125,000. The draft, which was written by Dylan in 2017, has been authenticated by the singer’s manager. In 2014, lyrics believed to have been an early handwritten draft of the 1965 classic were auctioned by Sotheby’s, with an unidentified bidder paying more than $2 million for the four sheets of lyrics, scribbles, and scored-out words.

“With this song, Dylan reinvigorated his passion for his own work and fully embraced rock music,” reads the listing for the current auction, in part. “The song was initially thought too long to be commercially successful, until listeners in the mid-’60s harassed radio stations to play it in its entirety. Perhaps the greatest mystery in music is trying to figure out who Dylan is referring to in the song ….”

Auction house Nate D. Sanders in Los Angeles is handling the sale. The auction is set to end today (September 28).