Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath fans who tuned in to the season finale of “CSI” didn’t have to wait long to see the band in action. The TV crime drama opened with Sabbath performing “The End of the Beginning,” the lead track from the group’s forthcoming new album.

The script called for characters played by actors Ted Danson and Marc Vann to comment on the performance. “So nice to see Black Sabbath again,” says Vann. “Saw them in ’78 at the Spectrum in Philly.”

“Around the same time as I saw the [Grateful] Dead at the Winterland Ballroom," replies Danson. "A little bit of a different vibe."

Ozzy Osbourne subsequently did a mock interview with a reporter attending the show. “So, Ozzy, another incredible gig,” offers the reporter. “The new album is titled 13, right?”

"That’s correct," replies Ozzy. "The album's kind of like a modern sound but there's no denying it's a Black Sabbath album. It’s still got the black Sabbath vibe, you know?”

Later in the episode, the new Sabbath single “God is Dead?” was featured as part of the soundtrack. 13 will be released in North America on June 11.