Black Keys

MNE reports that The Black Keys entered the studio to record their next album this week. The album, which will follow El Camino from 2011, is tentatively scheduled for a late 2013 release.

Speaking to Uncut, guitarist Dan Auerbach said “We're going to start making the new album in the second week of January and we're hoping to have it done by some time in March.” That's pretty quick considering the band haven't even written any material prior to entering the studio, as Auerbach revealed: “The record isn't written yet, we'll do it when we get into the studio. This is when we both work best, when we're dying to make an album. All of our records take place in the studio, in that we make stuff up while we're there.”

After recording is done the duo goes back out on the road for a handful of dates during March, April, and May, before a well deserved break during the summer.