Keith Urban with a Les Paul Custom• Country kingpins Carrie Underwood and Keith Urban will soon share more than just the top of the charts, when they take on a 24-city tour together this winter, beginning January 31.

• My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero took a leave of absence from the band’s U.K. tour, returning home due to a family illness. In the meantime guitar tech Matt Cortez will fill in. That means two MCR member are down for the count; drummer Bob Bryar is out with a wrist injury.

• It’s been rumored that New Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi has plans to run for governor in his home state. No dice, says his rep, adding that Bon Jovi's day job is going too well to consider a political move.

• The Foo Fighters have announced the first batch of tour dates in support of their new disc Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. Beginning January 23, shows are slotted for Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, Worcester, Philadelphia, and Detroit.

• Oasis is back in the studio to record their first album in three years, but say they won’t pull a Radiohead and let fans name their price for the new CD. Liam Gallagher’s exact words to Reuters were that it would be over his “dead body” before Oasis would leave an album's price open-ended.  —Ellen Mallernee