zz top

During a recent interview with Billboard, ZZ Top mainman Billy Gibbons talked about a really unusual collaboration. During a recent trip to Ibiza following ZZ Top's European tour, the guitarist worked with DJ and producer David Guetta

"I wanted to know how they did certain things, and of course they were badgering me to bring the guitar to the forefront," said Gibbons. "They said, 'Y'know, the only thing missing in dance music is a good guitar player.' I said, 'Let's see if we can bring the two together and make it shake.'" Gibbons says that the sessions yielded "eight or 10 cuts that, by and large, I would consider completed."

It certainly seems like a completely new territory for Gibbons, compared to the blues-based boogie music he plays with his band, but as the guitarist notes, "a lot of people have overlooked the fact that one of the things that made [ZZ Top's] Eliminator so interesting was the opportunity to go into that experimental side of things and fool around with the coolest new toys that could be found in the recording studio. I'm always fascinated by that, so my time in Spain was very fruitful."

The article does not mention what will become of the David Guetta songs other than Gibbons hinting they will surface in the near future. Guetta is known for collaborating with many different musicians on his albums, but none as far from his own genre as the bearded ZZ Top rocker.