Smashing Pumpkins

Billy Corgan plans to preface the forthcoming pair of new Smashing Pumpkins albums with an unprecedented look at his home demos. And by ‘look,’ we mean ‘immersive experience tracing his musical evolution from pretty much the very moment he started making his own recordings.’

In a posting on the official Smashing Pumpkins website , Corgan says he’s transferring his 60-plus four-track demo tapes from between 1985 and 1990, and plans to offer them on a multi-edition vinyl set “which if I’m guessing correct will in the end have anywhere from 12 to 20 separate releases. So please do keep an eye out for those, as they’ll be releases this year.”

One of the nuggets to be featured on the set is a recently-unearthed Smashing Pumpkins tape dating from June 1988 featuring a collection of songs he put together almost entirely on his own, aimed at what was to be the early Smashing Pumpkins style; “moody, gothic, and leaned heavily on straight a-b-a-b arrangements. Most of these numbers are forgettable, but that won’t stop me from sharing them with you soon enough.”