Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones by Marina Chavez

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones have a new duet album out. It was inspired by The Everly Brothers’ album Songs Our Daddy Taught Us.

In a new Rolling Stone interview, Armstrong says he “stumbled upon” the Everlys’ album. “I thought, 'Man, what made them want to make this record? It seemed so cryptic that these guys would be doing songs about death, being in jail and lost love.

“I liked the whole concept,” Armstrong continued, “that this was something taught to them, and now it's being taught to me. I thought it would be cool to pass the tradition one more time.”

The Billie Joe Armstrong/Norah Jones album is called Foreverly.

Norah Jones says “Billie Joe’s enthusiasm about the songs and his low-key, open approach to the music was very inviting. He wasn’t set in his ideas, which made it fun for us both to sort of discover what felt right for us, musically. I loved that the original was completely stripped down and a little more obscure. There was a lot of room to interpret the songs in our own way.”

Norah Jones takes younger Phil Everly’s parts, singing the higher harmonies. Armstrong “plays” Don Everly. No live shows are planned, though Armstrong admits, “It would be fun to do a couple of things together… Right now, we’re taking everything in stride.”

Listen to “Long Time Gone.”