Big Star

Alt-rock legends Big Star are getting their story told on the silver screen. Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me will premiere July 3rd in New York. The much-anticipated documentary chronicles the band’s history and music through archival footage and an array of interviews with people closely associated with the group, including sole surviving original member Jody Stephens.

"I think the film's wonderful," Stephens tells Rolling Stone. "We were a band for four years and we recorded three records, and losing a member after each record – so we were down to Alex [Chilton] and me. And then we broke up and let it sit for 17-18 years, and got back together because there was an audience that developed over that period of time. I think [the filmmakers] did a great job…"

A high-point, sure to delight fans, is footage of the original quartet rehearsing in Chilton’s parents’ living room. “[It] gives you an idea of how bands adapt to environments and parents adapt to having children in bands," says Stephens. "That part of it was fun, because the four of us were together. I just enjoyed being a part of what the three other guys were doing."

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