It’s a great time for classic album anniversaries. This year, the Beatles seminal Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band alum will celebrate its fiftieth year. Next year, it will be the turn of the White Album and the year after will mark fifty years of the Beatles soundtrack for the animated film Yellow Submarine.


To mark the anniversary of Yellow Submarine – the psychedelia-tinged animated fantasy film that featured the Beatles’ music, as well as the band, both in animated and live-action versions - the Beatle’s Apple Corporation has partnered with Titan Comics to create a comic book adaptation of the film. A recent report in The Hollywood Reporter says that, “Incoming MAD Magazine editor Bill Morrison will write and illustrate Titan Comics' adaptation in time for the movie's 50th anniversary next year.”

Speaking about the upcoming project, Chris Teather of Titan Comics said, “We’re thrilled to be publishing The Beatles: Yellow Submarine for the 50th Anniversary of this fantastic movie. We can’t wait for Beatles fans to experience this official adaptation."