Wondering how couples that play together get along together? They have to avoid being a bathroom hog. Just ask Thurston Moore, who has logged over 25 years in Sonic Youth with wife Kim Gordon.

Look for Sonic Youth to appear on the soundtrack along with Jeff Tweedy and Pearl Jam, and a host of rock notables have banded together for the soundtrack to Todd Haynes' Bob Dylan-themed film I’m Not There, due Oct. 30 on Columbia.

You might remember Haynes best from Velvet Goldmine, when he hired Thurston to play on the soundtrack in the fictitious band the Wylde Ratttz. A not so thinly veiled Iggy and the Stooges, the Wylde Ratttz line-up included real Stooge Ron Asheton along with Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley, Gumball’s Don Fleming, Mark Arm of Mudhoney, and the Minuteman’s Mike Watt, who went onto become a card carrying member of the Stooges.

Gibson: Who takes longer in the bathroom, you or Kim? 

Thurston: I think Kim takes longer because she has so many more bathroom products to sort of go through, I think. 

Gibson: She thinks you take longer, she told us that. 

Thurston: She thinks I take longer? 

Gibson: Yes, she does. 

Thurston: Well, I might take longer in the shower, because I have such an aversion to water because I’m a Leo, and like, to me, water just burns my skin. And the idea of getting water on my body just kind of like makes my skin crawl a little bit. And so it’s this thing, but I know that water is the source of life. So I know that, and so once I’m in the shower like, oh, wait a minute. I am one with the universe. So maybe that’s what she’s talking about.