Gibson N225

Audiofanzine has praised the Gibson N-225 for its sonic versatility and diversity, and the boldness of the design.

In a new review Audiofanzine noted the guitar's original shape, which it describes as a hybrid of an SG, a Les Paul and the ES series. "As soon as we open the hard case, the first impression we get is that of a Designers model, like the Nighthawk or the Flying V," reviewer Rasta Fred wrote. "This Gibson N-225 evidently will not go unnoticed with its modern-type look. Nor will it find unanimous consensus, but nobody will scold Gibson for not bringing out yet another Les Paul…"

The review noted the way the bridge position Dirty Fingers humbucker maintained definition even under heavy overdrive. "And don't forget the push/pull installed on the tone pot — a major asset of this guitar—, which allows us to find more twangy sounds, with a more extended high end and a more incisive attack." It also noted that the neck position P90 pickup gave the guitar a rounder, more mellow character.

Rasta Fred summed the guitar up as "cutting, dynamic but also warm sounds for blues, rock and hard rock, playing ease and comfort."

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