The Distillers have a Twitter account. Why is that news? Mainly because the LA-based punk rockers, led by Australian-American frontwoman Brody Dalle broke up in 2006, after releasing three albums including their critically-acclaimed final album Coral Fang. That’s before most bands had even heard of Twitter.

So, the Twitter account is brand new. As is evidenced by its single tweet, from two days ago: a surrealist, mysterious video showcasing what seems like a silhouette of Dalle. In addition, there’s also a new cover photo. All of this is activity consistent with a pretty significant announcement.


Just to bring everyone up to speed: The Distillers released their last album in 2003 and disbanded in 2006. We’ve had no new music from them in fourteen years. Since then, Dalle and Distillers guitarist Tony ‘Brady’ Bevilacqua formed Spinnerette, which released an album and an EP and Dalle released her 2014 solo album Diploid Love

Something is definitely coming. There’s no word yet as to whether it’ll be a new album or a new tour or even who’s in the band. Track The Distillers return here.