As part of its Rig Rundown video series, Premier Guitar recently spoke with AFI’s Jade Puget about his trove of Les Paul Studio guitars. “The Les Paul Studio has kind of been my live go-to guitar [for quite a while],” he said. “… I have, like, twelve black Les Paul Studios—they all essentially [look] the same but they sound different. My main [one] is resonant and warm … particularly creamy sounding.”

Asked if he also records with Les Paul Studios, he said, “Actually, on our new album, the ‘Blood Album,’ I did some tracking with [my main LP Studio], just because it sounds so good. My main studio tracking guitar is usually a [Les Paul] Cloud Nine, a limited edition [chambered] guitar. I don’t bring that one on the road – it’s like my baby. I have so many Les Pauls.”

Asked if he ever modifies the instruments, he replied, “I love the stock set-up … the stock pickups. I even leave the plastic tuners on there.” Puget went on to lovingly present several more of his beautiful Les Paul Studio guitars (as well as a gorgeous Les Paul Standard), each of which keeps in a different tuning. To see his array of instruments and hear more of his commentary, click here.