We already knew that Aerosmith would be hitting the studio to record their 15th studio album on November 1 with, er, someome producing. Joe Perry didn't have any names quite yet while talking to Billboard.com earlier this week, but the guitarist did say they were quite excited about getting back to work and having Rick Rubin take over the reins at their label: "His heart's in the right place when it comes to rock 'n' roll."

Perry also revealed that the band is working closely with the makers of Guitar Hero IV for a all-Aersosmith version of the game. We can only imagine the calluses we're going to get on our fingers trying to keep up with the riffs on "Walk This Way."

Meanwhile, the group will follow its appearance at the Fashion Rocks concert tonight with a nine-day tour that kicks off in Clarkston, Michigan, with the possibility of a few more shows to follow before Perry and company hunker down in the studio. --Aidin Vaziri