Arlen Roth with Buick

It really never fails to amaze me just how many unusual ways a particular gig can come your way! Sometimes it’s from word of mouth, many times just from your reputation, but I find that so many just seemingly “fall into my lap” that it boggles the mind. Of course, these are always the happiest of occurrences, since it’s like finding a ten-dollar bill in a pair of old jeans, and also they’re certainly the kinds that you’d least expect to happen!

One of those things just happened for me, and although the details must still be kept secret (I’ll let you in on it one of these days), it was a case of a gig that was suddenly set up for about 3 years from now, leading to a gig that would be this coming summer! It all leads back to a gig in 2003 for me that never actually happened, but was certainly in the works…I just didn’t know about it! If I did, it could’ve happened, but this was in the earlier days of email for me, and it happened to unfortunately coincide with a time when my email was down, and no one could reach me. It happened to be the 100th Anniversary show for Buick in Flint, Michigan, and the Buick Club, knowing I was a certified Buick nut wanted me to be the featured performer.

By the time they reached me about it, it was really too late, and I was so sad about it, but now, as the result of the simple act of buying a part for my 1941 Buick, the person who sold it to me knew who I was, and then passed my info onto the “powers that be:, and the next thing you know, I’m playing at the Buick National meet over the summer!

This is really exciting, because you never know what it can lead to, and I get to take in the biggest Buick show in the world, drive a vintage car there and “show” it, get to play a “banquet” dinner and then at the show the following day, and just overall have a totally wonderful week of car shows, flea markets, concerts and special events! Not to mention re-kindling all the old friendships I have made over the years of collecting Buicks, not to mention all the great new friends I am already making as the result of this amazing one-of-a-kind “gig happening!”

Just proves that you never know where that next opportunity will come from, and just what interesting things your loves of various things, even besides music, can get you involved in!