Arlen Roth

What a momentous day of recording! Got to continue my “Slide Guitar Summit” album with 3 tracks with my good buddies Lee Roy Parnell, and Greg Martin, who plays lead for The Kentucky Headhunters, one of my all-time favorite bands! Both Lee Roy and Greg each made Hot Licks videos for me back in the earl to mid-Nineties, and back then we had established terrific friendships as well as loving playing together!
This was an all-slide affair this time, but in the case of almost all the songs we had to first cut rhythm tracks with straight guitars, and then do overdubs on slide, often trading off with licks, and trading off during the solos too. It was so much fun, and also we had to make many decisions regarding what tunings to use, what keys to play in, and most of all for me, even what guitar to utilize!
I always tend to not use any overdrive pedals per se, and hardly any other “stomp boxes” too, but this time I must admit, I was rather struggling to get the “big tone” that my playing partners were getting. Instead, I was pretty well over-driving my amps, and getting a bit more of a cleaner tone than Greg and Lee Roy, and in the long run I feel it was the right thing to do. After all, some of the tracks themselves had dirty guitars on them, and it was sometimes a bit “much” to also have both lead guitars playing “dirty” slide! So that’s a decision two players often have to confront; that of who’s going to be the “dirty” tone verses who is going to be “clean.”
There was such an incredible feeling of camaraderie while cutting these tracks and we had such a ball! At one point me, Greg and Lee Roy all had our Les Pauls out, and I decided to pose with them and be the “Three Caballeros” of the slide guitar world! I have also been filming this as a documentary on slide guitar, as well as on the “making of” this wonderful album project!
It keeps growing and growing, and now the lineup of the album includes JOHNNY WINTER, SONNY LANDRETH, CINDY CASHDOLLAR, GREG MARTIN, LEE ROY PARNELL, JIMMY VIVINO and RICK VITO.  Lined up for the near future are the great DAVID LINDLEY and G.E. SMITH! Should be more tons of fun for sure! I’ll keep you posted!