Jason Hook by Anne Erickson

Artist: Jason Hook - Guitarist in the heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch, whose debut album War Is The Answer reach number 7 on the Billboard 200 list. When he’s not out touring the world with Five Finger Death Punch, Jason Hook likes to hang out in his home studio recording new riffs. Jason has his own signature Gibson guitar - the Jason Hook M-4 Sherman.

Equipment used: KRK VXT8 and KRK 12sHO

What Jason has to say about KRK: “It wasn’t until after I became a Gibson artist that I found out KRK was part of the brand. That’s why when I upgraded my home studio, I had to get the newest monitors from KRK,” Jason told KRK. “The VXT8 definitely has a bit more muscle,” added Hook.

Artist: Rami Jaffee - If you don’t recognize Rami Jaffee by name, you surely recognize the songs he’s played on. Rami was the keyboardist with the Jacob Dylan fronted band The Wallflowers. Jafee’s lofty organ melodies were a big part of The Wallflower’s sound. Rami Jaffee has also been a part of the Foo Fighters’ touring lineup for the band’s past couple of tours.

Equipment used: Cerwin-Vega Active Speaker System, model unspecified

What Rami has to say about Cerwin-Vega!: “My favorite monitors have got to be punchy and bright. The Cerwin-Vegas give me complete happiness,” Jaffee told the Cerwin-Vega! website. Jaffee has installed a Cerwin-Vega! active speaker system in his Fonogenic Studios in LA. “This sort of live recording is becoming more popular, since it emphasizes the interaction and performance of the band as a whole, not something that has been done regularly since multi-track recording came into popularity!,” Jaffee said. “Unfortunately, this way of recording poses issues with all of the open microphones during the recording process, including picking up the other performers, as well as bleed from any PA speakers being used. These speakers need to sound great so as not to adversely affect the tonality of the vocals on the recording. I was extremely happy the way the CVs filled the room. They proved to be a perfect match for the space!”

Artist: Skunk Anansie - British alternative rock band that had a string of hit records in the mid to late nineties. Led by the charismatic frontwoman Skin, the band’s hits include the songs “Weak,” and “Charity” from the band’s 1995 debut Paranoid & Sunburnt.

Equipment used: KRK ROKIT RP10-3 monitors

What KRK says about Skunk Anansie’s use of the ROKIT RP10-3 monitors: “Given its unique sound, it's not surprising that Skunk Anansie seeks absolute precision when it comes to recording an album. Skin and her band want listeners to feel like they are right there in the audience at a live show, thrilling as the band tears like a roller coaster through the highs and lows of its set. To help them recreate this in the studio environment, they use KRK’s ROKIT Powered 10-3 Studio Monitors. As with KRK’s entire ROKIT series, the ROKIT 10-3 monitors are renowned for delivering accurate monitoring in the studio. Designed to generate huge sound-pressure levels when the music demands it, yet maintain the clarity and transparency of a professional studio monitor, the ROKIT 10-3 delivers the power, accuracy and clarity demanded by Skunk Anansie.”

Artist: Billy Morrison - Billy Morrison has worked with some of rock music’s biggest names throughout the years. He was the bass player for The Cult between 2001-2002, and since 2010 he plays rhythm guitar in Billy Idol’s touring band. Morrison has his own signature Gibson Les Paul, and uses KRK monitors in his home studio.

Equipment used: KRK VXT8

What Billy Morrison has to say about KRK: “Since I added the VXT8s to my home studio, I've noticed my bass-end has become so much tighter,” Morrison said to KRK. "I ended up dialing back my subwoofers because the KRK monitors were giving me a really tight bottom-end. The high-end separation also really sparkles now. Things like hi-hats and cymbals come across sounding live. Vocals also cut through well. Above all, when I burn a CD and play it in my car I notice that the mix I created in my studio sounds just as accurate on my car stereo.”

Artist: Zoé - Mexican psychedelic rock band who formed in the mid nineties. With five albums behind them, Zoé have gained a large following in many Spanish speaking countries.

Equipment used: 4 full-range CVA-28 tops & 2 CVA 121 subwoofers

What Zoé has to say about Cerwin-Vega: “We are constantly on the road these days, so creative time spent in our rehearsal/recording studio is extremely valuable to fine tune our performances,” Zoé lead guitarist Sergio Acosta told the Cerwin-Vega! website. “As we have the speakers set up across the room facing the band, the Cerwin-Vega! system gives us the opportunity to hear ourselves in the same manner as a FOH system. We use them for when we are rehearsing, composing or just jamming. We even use them to listen to other music as a form of sonic research. We can do this because the system is very accurate. We believe that having this type of setup helps both our creative process and performances. Cerwin-Vega! delivers the sound we need.”

Photo by Anne Erickson