Gibson Top Ten News

It’s been another fascinating week in the world of rock and roll. Jimmy Page has been remastering Led Zeppelin Albums, Johnny Marr’s debut solo album will appear February 2013, and Melody maker loving Joan Jett was honored by PETA. Rumor abound that a new Van Halen album is imminent while Axl Rose promised the new GNR album sooner rather than later. Finally, Bon Jovi slashed concert ticket prices. Now that’s Rock and Roll!

1. Jimmy Page Remastering Zeppelin Albums

2. Johnny Marr Debut Solo Album Due February 2013

3. Joan Jett honored by PETA

4. New Van Halen Album Already Completed?

5. Axl Rose Promises New Guns N’ Roses Album

6. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Impacted by Sandy

7. Bon Jovi Slash Ticket Prices

8. Billy Gibbons Credits “Pearly Gates”

9. Aerosmith Coming to a TV Near You

10. Duff McKagan Meets Wounded Soldiers