Gibson Top Ten News

It’s been another fascinating week in the world of rock and roll. The Rolling Stones rehearsed 70 songs for their upcoming shows and Black Sabbath were hard at work in the studio. Aerosmith’s Joe Perry got studious for his new memoirs while Green day released some killer live footage. Finally, Slash said that as a kid he didn’t think about fame and fortune, he just loved his guitar.

1. AC/DC "Beyond the Thunder” Movie Coming

2. Stones Rehearse 70 Songs

3. Green Day Release Footage of Concert in New York

4. Bonamassa to Film Quadruple-Show DVD

5. Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz’s NFL Pepsi Anthems

6. Slash: ‘I Took up the Guitar Because I Liked the Guitar’

7. Could Iron Maiden Be Coming to an End?

8. Joe Perry Does His Homework for Book Project

9. Black Sabbath Hard at Work in the Studio

10. Led Zeppelin Talk “Celebration Day”