Gibson Top Ten News

It’s been another fascinating week in the crazy world of rock and roll. It was announced that Chuck Berry would be honored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Slash reminisced about Appetite for Destruction and The Who revealed plans for a “Quadrophenia and More” tour. Paul McCartney recruited Mark Ronson to produce his next album and Bob Dylan is putting the finishing touches on his 35th album, due in September. Finally, rock’s favorite maverick, Keith Richards, admitted that he can’t remember some of The Rolling Stones’ songs. Now that’s rock and roll!

1. Chuck Berry to be Honored by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

2. Tour de France Winner is a Gibson Fan!

3. Slash Recalls the Making of Appetite for Destruction

4. The Who Announce ‘Quadrophenia and More’ Tour

5. Mark Ronson Producing Paul McCartney

6. Keith Richards Can’t Remember Classic Rolling Stones Hits

7. Bob Dylan to Release His 35th Studio Album

8. Jimi Hendrix Lyric Book to be Published

9. Former Smashing Pumpkins Guitarist Channels David Bowie in New Music Video

10. Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman ‘Still in Recovery Mode’ from Flesh-Eating Disease