Gibson Top Ten News


It’s been another fascinating week in the crazy world of rock and roll. First the sad news: Rock and roll lost a true keyboard legend with the passing of Deep Purple’s Jon Lord. R.I.P. Jon. Meanwhile, Slash talked about his Hollywood Walk of Fame honor, Gibson unleashed a loaded Grace Potter Signature Flying V and Ozzy said rockers are like schizophrenics. The Beach Boys’ kids started a new band, Thin Lizzy announced a summer tour and the White Stripes released their first-ever performance on vinyl. Finally a Caribbean parasite was named after reggae guru Bob Marley. Now that’s rock and roll!

1. Deep Purple’s Jon Lord Dies

2. Slash on Slash

3. Gibson Unleashes Grace Potter Signature Flying V

4. White Stripes Release First-Ever Live Performance

5. Ozzy Osbourne Says Rockers are Like Schizophrenics

6. Beach Boys Saga Continues

7. Thin Lizzy Planning Summer Tour

8. Caribbean Parasite Named for Bob Marley

9. ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is U.K.’s Favorite #1

10. Plug Pulled on Sir Paul/Boss Jam