The Joshua Tree

As most of you probably know by now, U2 are busy finishing up their next album, and in the wake of that there will be a new world tour. Bono has said that he wants to play indoor venues this time around, since he finds that format will work best for the new material. An intimate indoor venue would also be the perfect place to try out some lesser-known U2 songs on an audience who no doubt has seen the band before. Here we’re listing ten great U2 songs that have always stood in the shadows of the hits from the albums they were on. It’s wishful thinking, I know, but what if U2 could include some of these under-appreciated songs in the next tour? Imagine how exciting the set could be with some of these forgotten gems. So go check out these excellent album cuts and see what you think!

“An Cat Dubh”

This song from U2’s debut album Boy was resurrected during the band’s Vertigo tour, to the excitement of the band’s long time fans. The song would be played in conjunction with “Into The Heart,” which follows “An Cat Dubh” on the album. U2 need to bring this, or both songs, back to their repertoire. It’s a nice change from always playing “I Will Follow” as the only Boy song.

"Like a Song…"

How about adding a classic live rarity from the War album to the setlist? The Edge plays a mean guitar on this one - fingerpicking followed by a rapid series of power chords, not to mention a nice solo.


U2 played “Exit” during the Joshua Tree tour, but since then the song has sadly been vacant from their shows. This angst-filled song is powerful and sounds really good in a live setting. It could easily be put in to a set in place of “Bullet The Blue Sky.”

"God Part II"

The Rattle And Hum album contained its fair share of hits, like “All I Want is You,” and “Desire,” but there are plenty of great album cuts as well. For example “Love Rescue Me,” which was co-written by Bob Dylan, and “Hawkmoon 269.” “God Part II” is basically a blues song on speed. The Edge’s precise riffs, and Larry’s processed drums really complement each other.


Aside from rehearsing the song a handful of times, U2 haven’t played “Acrobat” live. It has been said that the odd time signature makes it hard to perform live, but several U2 tribute bands do play the song, so it is by no means impossible.

"Love Is Blindness"

Achtung Baby closer “Love is Blindness” got played heavily on the Zoo TV and Zooropa tours respectively. The few times U2 has played the song since then it’s been as an acoustic number, which doesn’t have the same feel as when The Edge gets to pull out all the stops on his cream colored Les Paul Custom, especially during the solo which end with some amazing fuzz-laden sustain:

"Do You Feel Loved"

Now here’s a song that U2 only played a few times during the beginning of the Popmart tour, before abandoning it completely. Granted, the song is built around a heavily processed guitar loop, but who says it has to be performed exactly like the original? What it comes down to is the fact that this is a great song, with a great chorus riff from The Edge.

"If You Wear That Velvet Dress"

Another Pop song that fell by the wayside at the conclusion of the tour is “If You Wear That Velvet Dress.” During the shows, U2 would segue in to “Velvet Dress” at the end of “Discothequé” with a sound that was almost psychedelic in nature. Come to think of it, bringing back that whole song combo would be excellent!

"The Ground Beneath Her Feet"

Did you know Salman Rushdie penned the lyrics to a U2 song? Well, he did! Or, more correctly, U2 recorded the music for Rushdie’s lyric, which appears in his book of the same name. U2 does play the song every once in a while, but it could definitely do with a permanent spot in the set.

"Crumbs from Your Table"

I’ve always thought that this deep cut from the How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb album didn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s got The Edge’s classic delay-driven guitar sound, and Bono’s lyrics are just beautiful. The song was only played a handful of times on the Vertigo tour before being relegated to the shadows. It’s time to bring it back U2, along with the other nine songs on this list!