Stanton is world-renowned for high-quality, professional audio products for DJs. From the company’s launch in 1946 to today, Stanton has excelled with its complete line of DJ products, which include turntables, high-performance cartridges, CD players, DJ mixers, accessories and digital controllers.

Countless DJs and audio professionals have grown to rely on the Stanton name. Read on to learn why DJ Mad Linx, DJ Miss Joy and DJ Q45 rock Stanton, which is one of Gibson’s Pro Audio lines.

DJ Mad Linx

Mad Linx

DJ Mad Linx has thrived on radio and television since 1994, with a résumé that boasts work with Black Entertainment Television (BET), the Tennis Channel and beyond.

When he isn’t hosting a new show, Linx is engaged in his other passion: turntabling. He’s known for DJing and hosting clubs and parties all over the globe, and if you catch him at a gig, you’ll see Linx using Stanton’s STR8.150s to get just the right mix.

“These are the best turntables on the market, bar none,” he told Stanton . “Compared with every other turntable I’ve used, they have superior torque and stability. The STR8.150 is completely customizable from break speed to reverse play. Everything you ever wished that was better with the 1200 is on the STR8.150.”

Linx also rocks Stanton 3000 headphones. “These are my favorite headphones,” he said. “The EQ and sound level are right on the money. I love the durability and quality construction of the 3000s. When I need to hear what’s going on in my mix, it has to be with the Stanton 3000s.”

Topping off his DJ rig are Stanton Slip Mats and the Uberstand laptop stand: “The slip mats are buttery, need I say more. And I love the Uberstand. I hate having to break my back from leaning over too much when my MacBook is too low. The Uberstand makes sure that doesn’t happen anymore!”

DJ Miss Joy

Miss Joy

DJ Miss Joy is one of the most popular DJs in the downtown Las Vegas club scene. She cranks out hot, dance-worthy beats and relies on Stanton to help her deliver a crazy-cool set.

DJ Miss Joy utilizes the SCS.4DJ USB Mix Station, the DJC.4 Virtual DJ Digital Workstation and DJ Pro 2000 headphones, plus a selection of other Stanton products.

“I love the SCS.4DJ USB Mix Station, because I’m able to rock a two- to four-hour set with just a 4-gig USB stick and no external laptop,” she told Stanton . “It’s great, because I don’t have to carry my heavy turntables, and the equipment itself is just super intelligent. I especially love the associated QuickGrid software. It lets me render all my files really fast. It’s a very unique unit that allows you to do so much, yet the sound quality remains professional enough to play in any venue.”

DJ Q45

DJ Q45

DJ Q45 is a DJ, radio and TV host with credentials hosting BET’s Rap City, NASCAR’s “Changing Lanes,” syndicated TV program Daily Buzz and well beyond.

DJ Q45 is also a proud user of Stanton and only Stanton, and he currently rocks the Stanton M.207 mixer, DJ PRO 3000 Headphones and STR8.150 Turntables.

About his choice to use Stanton equipment, DJ Q45 says, “When I was using records I was always getting nasty feedback from the turntables and Crazy Dave’s music (my local pro store) said to get the Stanton STR8.150s,” DJ Q45 told Stanton . “Not only did it get rid of the hum, the motor is powerful and the pitch control is very sharp. Meaning, when I push it to the number, it’s on the number! And with the way I DJ, I need a turn table that keeps up with me! They’re built like a Tank. They get the job done! Nuff said!”