Gibson isn’t just about moving forward, but also taking a fond and respectful look at the past to draw from the best it had to offer. After all, Gibson set many of today’s standards—like humbucking pickups and the Tune-o-matic bridge. While there have been improvements over the years, their fundamental attributes remain both intact and appreciated.

So when it was time to decide about what kind of cases would provide the protection for selected 2014 models, we considered a variety of options. With the tradition of the 120th Anniversary driving this model year, we looked to Gibson’s tradition in cases—and liked what we saw. The vintage hardshell cases for the 2014 model year guitars are not only an affectionate nod to the Gibson cases of yesteryear, but are historically accurate re-creations—right down to the shade of brown used for the outside, and the pink plush protective interior.

We know you value your guitar as much as we value hand-crafting them, so we wanted to make sure you had not only superior protection for the guitar itself, but something that harkened back to Gibson history. These vintage cases, a unique element of the 120th Anniversary celebration, combine the best of both worlds.