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You’ve conquered Facebook and Twitter. Now, it’s time to dig into one of the most important online tools for musicians: video-sharing website YouTube.

YouTube is a powerful tool to get your music heard. Each day, millions of users make their way through YouTube with the sole purpose of discovering new music. Why not be one of the bands or musicians that truly embraces their YouTube channel?

Read on for some quick tips to help grow your YouTube audience.

It’s all in the name. Picking a title for your music video is a simple but critical step in making sure people can find your video in search engines. Include your band name, song name, the venue or location where you recorded the video and any other information you deem appropriate to describe the clip. In short, make sure your music video’s name accurately and fully describes the video.

Properly tag and ID your video. Your music video is uploaded and almost ready to make pubic. Before your hit “publish,” tag your clip. This is the process of linking keywords to your video that relate to the subject of the clip. Tag the video with your band’s name, genre, the location of the shoot and any other subject you think users would search to find your video. Also, include a short narrative of your video, credits, purchase links and links to your other social media pages in the video’s “description” area. Finally, when you publish your video, send it out to all of your subscribers in a bulletin. Off you go!

Share, share and share. Remember how much you love watching Nirvana’s classic music videos over and over? Okay, maybe that’s me. Regardless, the point is you should never be shy to share, share and share your music videos, even the ones from your early days. You can never go wrong providing fans with a musical and visual reminder of who you are, where you came from and where you’re going as an artist.

Create a cool playlist. While your YouTube artist page is there to promote your music, a fun way to get more attention is to put together a YouTube playlist featuring your favorite artists and bands in their best moments. It’s like an old fashioned mixtape, right? Pick a theme, grab some videos and share it.

Go viral. Once your opus of a music video is ready to share with the world, you obviously want as many people as possible to see it. Help make your video go viral by asking friends and fans to post it and getting as many blogs and media websites as possible to embed the clip. Getting your video on multiple websites will up its views, so spread the word!

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