Gibson Gear

Looking for some special gift ideas for Dad?

1. Clean Up

Keep your guitar clean and mean with this handy Gibson Care Kit Includes Gibson’s Low Abrasion Metal Cream, Gibson Premier Fretboard Conditioner, Gibson Pump Polish Finishing Cream, three Gibson Polishing Cloths and a 2”-black nylon strap — all in a bucket that can be taken with you anywhere.

2. Restoration

If you have an old Gibson – or any old guitar – get the Vintage Reissue Guitar Restoration Kit to revive it to former glory.

3. Gibson Luthier's Choice Triple Pak

Everything you need for god clean fun with the Luthier's Choice Triple Pak. Quality guitar care at a great price.

Gibson Gear

4. Barstool

The Gibson barstool is just too cool. You get a 24” aluminum, 4-legged base and a slick black-vinyl swivel top.

5. Gibson Shot Glasses

When on your Gibson barstool, you may desire an “adult beverage.” Sip in style with these shot glasses. Or a Gibson Pilsner Gift Set.

6. Straps

The Classic Guitar Strap from Gibson is just that. Die-cut leather and soft suede backing means it's both comfortable and durable.

Or go large with Gibson’s Montana strap, crafted from the lushest leather in a great tan finish, perfect in particular for your Gib acoustic. Or simply get a classy woven number that salutes your favorite guitars. More straps!

Gibson Gear

7. Gibson Mugs

Check out the brand new lineup of cool mugs headed by the Gibson Classic Mug.

8. Gibson Strings

A player can never have too many guitars. The problem is, we also need lots of strings. The Gibson Brite Wire 5-pack is thinking of you. Each pack contains 5 sets with a bonus – 2 extra Bs and 2 extra Es. Or get the steels preferred by Gibson heroes such as Ace Frehley and the legend that was B.B. King. Tone! More from the Gibson Store.

Gibson Gear

9. Gibson Multi-tool

All the tools you could ever need in one handy multi-tool device.

10. Gibson Cases

Not even got a gigbag or case? Buy the best here, from padded gigbags to bespoke-designed hardshell cases for your Les Paul or SG.