G Force

Doncha love the internet? It’s a great source of information, but sometimes the misinformation is more fun. Here are five G FORCE™ myths just begging to be busted.

I prefer to tune manually, and besides, I don’t want perfect pitch—I like to “sweeten” my tunings. This is actually a double myth. First, if you don’t apply power G FORCE™ is a manual tuner. The gear ratio is 40:1 so the tuning can be very precise (just don’t tune manually while G FORCE™ is turned on). Second, although G FORCE™ can tune to perfect pitch, you can also create tunings that aren’t perfect (like sweetened tunings) and save them as presets.

When I bend a string, I don’t want it pitch-corrected! That’s not how G FORCE™ works. You turn it on, it tunes, and it turns off automatically when the guitar is tuned. It doesn’t “run in the background” and try to tune your guitar.

G FORCEis the same as Min-ETune, just re-branded. G FORCE™ has many additional features—like being able to use all the presets as custom presets, adding pitch offsets to strings, “pitch assist” that makes creating alternate tunings easier, the ability to work with capos, and more. Also several optimizations improve speed and accuracy, especially when switching to alternate tunings.

G FORCEdoesn’t tune all six strings as once. This is partially true. If the battery charge is above 60%, G FORCE™ tunes all six strings at once. But if the charge drops below 60%, it tunes three strings at a time to make sure each machine head gets enough juice.

G FORCEis for people who can’t tune a guitar. Another partially true myth, because if you can’t tune a guitar, G FORCE™ can certainly tune it for you. But because G FORCE tunes six strings at once in seconds, pros use G FORCE™ in the studio where time is money, and on stage to keep guitars in tune and maintain a seamless performance flow (as well as to do alternate tunings without needing a bunch of pre-tuned guitars sitting offstage). Check out Premier Guitar magazine’s video with Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie talking about how he uses G FORCE™.