Boasting a 50-year history, Cerwin-Vega established itself long ago as a premier innovator in the field of audio reproduction. For decades, savvy consumers have chosen Cerwin-Vega speakers as an essential component for their home stereo and entertainment systems. Similarly, countless professionals in the music industry have turned to Cerwin-Vega products to meet their audio requirements for both studio work and live performance. Below, we profile five artists who champion Cerwin-Vega equipment as indispensable in the production and performance of their music.

The Dirty Pearls

Dirty Pearls

First hitting the scene in 2010, The Dirty Pearls have drawn favorable comparisons to such iconic rockers as T. Rex and the New York Dolls. Promoting their debut album, Whether You Like It or Not, the gifted quartet has served as supporting act for the likes of KISS, Cheap Trick, Scott Weiland and even Lady Gaga. A particularly memorable appearance was staged at the Gibson Guitar Showroom in New York, where the band tore it up playing through Cervin-Vega P-Series equipment. “We're used to playing with sub-par stage monitoring—it comes with the territory,” says guitarist Tommy Mokas. “But when you step on stage and the speakers are powerful and present, they allow you to perform in a much more effortless fashion, very much like a good instrument will. The P-Series monitors are strong and crisp, without the ‘mush’ that makes you uncomfortable.” Lead singer Tommy London concurs: “We noticed that the audience that night was even more enthusiastic than usual, and you could just tell that the electricity of the sound went through them and came back to us. It was just amazing.”

Lalah Hathaway

Lalah Hathaway

It’s not for nothing that Lalah Hathaway is often referred to as the “First Daughter of Soul.” The child of late soul legend Donny Hathaway, she’s recorded six albums and won a Grammy just last year in the category of “Best R&B Performance.” When a fellow musician-friend introduced her to Cerwin-Vega’s XD3 two-way powered desktop speakers, the acclaimed singer fell in love with them right away. “I listen to music at some point every day in the downstairs area of my home and these have become my go-to speakers,” says Hathaway. “I love that I can easily move them from room to room instead of having to put a whole system in the house. Whether I’m listening to music on my mini disc player, iPad or iPod, since they’re powered and I don’t need an amp, I can just plug the XD3s in and listen.” She also uses the XD3s when working on songs and arrangements and listening back to tracks recorded in a studio. “The XD3s have a really great low-end register, which is important to have, especially when I'm using them to practice my vocals or listen to recordings,” she says. “I really like the fact that even up at a high volume they still sound great; they still sound warm. Even though they're small and affordably priced, they give off a really big, expensive sound, which I love.”



Formed in Mexico City in 1994, Zoé drew inspiration from The Beatles and contemporary Britpop to carve out a winning style that’s earned the group a Latin Grammy and worldwide acclaim. As Mexico’s most popular band, the group tours constantly and puts a premium on attaining a perfect sound for their live shows. Zoé uses a Cerwin-Vega Active Series speaker system, consisting of four full-range CVA-28 tops, and two CVA 121 subwoofers, in their rehearsal studio room to be able to accurately hear how the band sounds when practicing for upcoming concerts as well as to hone performances for recording sessions. “We are constantly on the road … so creative time spent in our rehearsal/recording studio is extremely valuable to fine tune our performances,” says lead guitarist Sergio Acosta. “As we have the speakers set up across the room facing the band, the Cerwin-Vega system gives us the opportunity to hear ourselves in the same manner as a FOH system. We use them for when we are rehearsing, composing or just jamming. We even use them to listen to other music as a form of sonic research. We can do this because the system is very accurate. We believe that having this type of setup helps both our creative process and performances. Cerwin-Vega delivers the sound we need.”

Rodney Jerkins


Grammy-winning producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Based in L.A., his Darkchild Entertainment studios feature a dual system for monitoring. The facilities use KRKs for traditional studio monitoring, but also soffit mounted mains and Cerwin Vega PA systems to “perform” tracks. By spending time alternating between both playback systems, Jerkins’ Darkchild team achieves their signature sound. “When I'm creating, I like it really loud, overly loud,” Jerkins explains. “I always try to tweak or figure out how we can make the music sound better. The live sound speakers give me the opportunity to listen to how this might be sounding in a club atmosphere. That's really what they're there for.” Jerkins’ longtime engineer, Mikey “Handz” Donaldson concurs: “The mains and speakers are there so you can feel it in your chest. People just want it to be loud. For a producer, the Active Series is perfect for feeling music.”

Lisa Palleschi


A Berklee School of Music graduate, singer-songwriter Lisa Palleschi has had her songs featured on FOX Sports Net (to open Major League Baseball broadcasts) and on the SPEED network (to open broadcasts of the NASCAR Truck Series). But it’s in live performance that she truly shines. Palleschi points out that Cerwin Vega CVP-1152 stage monitors wedges have served her well, particularly since she often perform at outdoor venues. “For a singer, the most important thing is to be able to hear [yourself] onstage,” she explains, “and that's always the most challenging, particularly using wedges, when you perform outside. I've never been a big in-ear person--you can't feel the crowd when you have an earpiece on. Also, I had a soundman once tell me, ‘You know, if that blows in your year, you're deaf for life.’ He totally freaked me out, so from that day on, I was like, ‘I don't know about these things.’”