Many of country music's most prominent female musicians appreciate a Gibson guitar. If you’ve seen top acts like the Dixie Chicks or and Miranda Lambert recently, you'll almost certainly have seen some cool Gibsons.

Dixie Chicks

After a sold out European tour this spring, the Dixie Chicks are touring the US all summer. Even before it began, the demand for tickets was so large that the DCX MMXVI Tour was expanded from forty to fifty cities, culminating with a gig at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on October 10. With them on tour are stunning white Gibson Hummingbird guitars.

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert : Copyright CMA

Miranda Lambert’s fans stick with her no matter what’s going on, like earlier this year when the rain started pouring down midway through her set in St. Louis. “The crowd’s energy was just incredible. I told them I could feel the rain making its way to the stage, but they didn’t leave,” Lambert said after the show. “We were all soaked by the end of the night, but those nights are what I live for.” Miranda plays both electric and acoustic Gibsons on stage


Lindsay Ell

“I love Hummingbirds,” Canadian country singer and guitarist Lindsay Ell told “You can never go wrong with them. I like smaller bodies, too, because being a smaller girl, sometimes those huge body guitars sound amazing but are hard to get my arm around.” Ell doesn’t just play acoustics - she is a great lead player as well who loves playing Les Pauls on stage.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift seemingly can do nothing wrong these days - everything she touches turns to gold. Following her hugely successful Red Tour where she would play a custom red Les Paul adorned with crystals, her latest album 1989 really solidified her as a pop artist not bound by any particular genre.

Photo: CMA