Tim Sult of Clutch

City: London
Weather: A typical English springtime
Rider: Beer, sandwich meats, cookies, chocolates
Support band: Lionize

You're currently in the middle of a UK tour, whilst you're on the road here, what music usually comes on the tour bus stereo?

There’s a lot of jazz, actually. Our drummer plays quite a bit of jazz music in the back lounge after the show. So, quite honestly, that’s mostly what you’re hearing on our bus. Jazz.

What Gibson guitars have you brought with you?

I have two Gibson custom Les Pauls, which I call Ebony and Ivory.

As a guitarist, which Clutch tracks do you enjoy playing most live?

I love playing a lot of the jammy stuff quite a bit. We usually give ourselves a lot of room for open jams in our songs, so some of those songs would be ‘Big News 1’, ‘The Soapmakers’, ‘Gravel Road’ and ‘Cypress Grove’. ‘D.C. Sound Attack!’ is another one that we can do a jam in live. So pretty much any of our songs that have open improvisational parts, which are quite a few these days.

You recently instagrammed a photo with the caption 'First day of pre-production for the new record'. What can you tell me about that?

We’ve started pre-production on our new album, we’ve written seven songs so far and we’ve gotten together with the producer, who is the same producer who recorded the last album. We’re planning on doing three-rounds of pre-production throughout the year to see how many songs we can come up with; hopefully we can come up with 15/20 songs. The plan right now is to record the new album in November and have it out in the spring of next year.

You played the venue you're playing tonight supporting the same album less than a year ago, how do you ensure that it's a new and exciting experience for the fans?

Our approach to making set lists has always been – change the set list every single night. A different member of the band writes the set list. Our show tonight is going to be completely different from the show last night, so that’s how we keep it fresh.