The image of Ace Frehley in makeup and moon boots rockin’ out on stage with a (literally) smoking Les Paul indelibly burned in the memories of every KISS fan. A natural-born performer, it is hard to imagine Ace sitting quietly in front of a computer. But for the last 15 years, Ace has used it as an outlet for expressing himself visually in the medium of computer-generated art.

Ace’s background as an artist stretches back all the way to the embryonic days of KISS—in fact, he designed the iconic KISS logo himself. In 1992, he discovered Inifini-D 3D rendering software for the Apple Macintosh and he hasn’t looked back since. In 1995, he held his first exhibit, called “First Sightings,” and his artwork is on display in galleries across the U.S., as well as in the home collections of several lucky fans and art aficionados. An original, autographed Ace work can command tens of thousands of dollars. But for Ace, the reward is the artistic process itself.

Today, Ace is still creating his own worlds in 3D rendering software. “I start off with this empty space,” says Ace. “Then I create figures and shapes and wrap surfaces around them. The images look very realistic, like photographs, but they’re creations from my own imagination.”

The objects in Ace’s artwork are usually items that are near and dear to his heart: planets, ace-of-heart playing cards, and Gibson Les Pauls. “The Les Paul is the most beautiful guitar ever made,” says Ace. “It’s already a masterpiece. I know that if I put a Les Paul in one of my creations that it’s going to look great.”

Ace is currently in the studio recording a new solo album scheduled for release in either late 2007 or early 2008.