the Gibson 2014 Les Paul Signature model

The most timeless songs, from Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” bridge the past and the present to create an entirely fresh perspective. The same can be said for certain instruments — like the Gibson 2014 Les Paul Signature model. With its blend of classic tones and looks alongside cutting edge appointments, the 2014 Les Paul Signature is a bridge between the past and present, with options that can help a player discover his or her own artistic and sonic future. It’s a guitar that puts no limits on creativity, while drawing on all the virtues of the Les Paul guitar’s storied history.

The Signature model’s classic qualities place it firmly in the rock, jazz, country, blues and R&B traditions — meaning it’s a guitar that can cover the entire waterfront of styles. And yet its evolutionary pickups, signal boost technology, weight, fretboard and tuning system put the instrument on the cutting edge.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics that make the guitar a musical time machine.

• Body style: Sure, the fine lines of the 2014 Signature model scream Les Paul, but thanks to the latest in Gibson chambering, the model is lighter and easier to wear on a strap for long nights of music making without sacrificing tone.

• Pickups: The 2014 Signature boasts a pair of ’57 Classic Humbuckers with Alnico #2 magnets that generate classic Les Paul tones, but thanks to Gibson’s turbo boost pre-amp, there’s 15 db of added fuel available for its sonic fires at the flick of a switch. And with coil splitting, this guitar proves definitively that the Signature Les is more.

• Tuning: Yes, the 2014 Signature model’s tuning pegs recreate a spot-on vintage look, but Gibson’s Min-ETune™ technology means staying in tune is a snap, and so is tuning to 18 different preset and programmable tunings in seconds.

• Fretboard and neck: While the guitar has a thin ’50s rounded profile neck, echoing classic Les Pauls, its frets nod to modernity. They are undercut and extend over the neck binding for improved playability.

• Tone and volume controls: Gibson’s tapered Supreme Grip speed dials make it easier than ever to control tone and volume, and to coil-split, on the fly.

• TekToid nut: Like all 2014 Gibsons, the Les Paul Signature model features a virtually frictionless, long lasting, high-tech TekToid™ nut, making standard plastic nuts a thing of the past.

The rest is classic Les Paul, with a stop tailpiece and Tune-O-Matic bridge, a perfectly fitted neck and body joint, and gold hardware plus a selection of nitrocellulose finishes. And, of course, Les’ signature is silk-screened on the guitar’s handsome black-with-white-trim pick guard. Plus the 120th anniversary logo that Gibson is including on all 2014 models is inlaid smartly at the 12th fret. The result is a handsome and innovative tone machine for players at all levels, from garage to arena.