Love or hate social media, there’s no disputing the fact it’s a quick and effective way for famous types to send information to the masses, whether that’s details on a new album or random musings about their dating life. We’ve spotted 10 rockers who are uber-active on Twitter and some of their latest tweets. Check out our list of “Rocker to Follow on Twitter” below, and follow Gibson on Twitter via @GibsonGuitar! (I’m on Twitter, too, via @localmusicbeat.)

Sebastian Back

Who: Sebastian Bach

Twitter handle: @SebastianBach

Why he’s hot on Twitter: Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach is very interactive on Twitter, often RTing fans and randoms with inspirational quotes.

Recent tweet: “Merry Xmas to All. thanks to my son @reecefrancis88 for helping me out tonight & hope you all have a Happy Holidays!!”


Billy Corgan

Who: Billy Corgan

Twitter handle: @Billy

Why he’s hot on Twitter: Mr. Corgan tweets details about his band, the Smashing Pumpkins, and his Chicago tea house. He doesn’t tweet as often as others on this list, but when he does, he strives to be interactive with his fans.

Recent tweet: “I'm wishing everyone the best holiday season, filled with love and laughter.”


Neil Diamond

Who: Neil Diamond

Twitter handle: @NeilDiamond

Why he’s hot on twitter: While Neil Diamond doesn’t tweet all the time, when he does, it’s usually something interesting and often personal.

Recent tweet: “A wonderful honeymoon in Paris. Good food, good wine, good night. :-)”


David Draiman

Who: David Draiman

Twitter handle: @DAVIDMDRAIMAN

Why he’s hot on Twitter: While his band Disturbed is taking a hiatus, frontman Draiman is doing anything but taking a break from social media. He tweets several times a day about anything and everything going on in his rock star life.



Ben Gibbard

Who: Benjamin Gibbard

Twitter handle: @Gibbstack

Why he’s hot on Twitter: This Death Cab for Cutie frontman tweets often about his music, personal life and more.

Recent tweet: “Dear friends who brought boxes of cookies/sweets to last Sunday's party: I'm throwing everything out today. I can't live like this anymore.”


Lenny Kravitz

Who: Lenny Kravitz

Twitter handle: @LennyKravitz

Why he’s hot on twitter: Lenny Kravitz tweets his musings on world events, his music and more.

Recent tweet: “Ravi Shankar gave us light through the vibration of his sound. I was blessed to have been in his presence. My love pours out to the family.”


Nikki Sixx

Who: Nikki Sixx

Twitter handle: @NikkiSixx

Why he’s hot on Twitter: This Mötley Crüe and Sixx:A.M. bass player and radio host is all about social networking, and he tweets nearly every day. Sometimes it’s personal, and sometimes it’s professional-- you never know quite what you’re going to get.

Recent tweet: “About to see Les Miserables with @CBingham and my daughter Storm and realized I’m the only guy in the theater.”



Who: Slash

Twitter handle: @Slash

Why he’s hot on Twitter: The legendary axeman tweets almost every day and seems to love giving fans insight into his daily life.

Recent tweet: “Met some cool kids on Hwd Blvd today leaving the Wax Museum. Where my son asked: "who's that?" Of a wax Elvis. That wax museum. iiii]; )'”


Yoko Ono

Who: Yoko Ono

Twitter handle: @YokoOno

Why she’s hot on Twitter: This creative artist and activist tweets about world issues and more. She tweets often, so there’s plenty to think about.

Recent tweet: “It's Time for Action, Action is Peace. Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace, IMAGINE PEACE. Together we have the power to change the world.”


Butch Walker

Who: Butch Walker

Twitter handle: @ButchWalker

Why he’s hot on Twitter: This famed producer tweets about gigs, his daily life and more. Expect plenty of photos, too.

Recent tweet: “Rehearsed today and it felt like home. I belong to a guitar and mic. So excited to party your eyelids shut, Chicago.”