Gibson Guitar and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles grew up together in the heartland of America, so it was natural that they teamed up to throw a private bash celebrating the art of ‘customization’ and treating some of their fans to a night of world-class guitars, bikes and rock ‘n’ roll. Fans were able to tour the Beverly Hills Gibson Showroom, try out Gibson and Epiphone guitars and check out two brand new custom Harleys before settling into some fist-pumping fun provided by Epic Records artists, Angels Fall, and Interscope rockers, Rev Theory. 
The crowd got to be there for Angels Fall’s first public performance. The band, featuring singer-songwriter Joel Jorgenson, is releasing their first album this summer
Currently on the road promoting their new album, Justice, Rev Theory made a special stop by the showroom to melt some faces and make everyone feel like they had the best seats at a stadium-sized show.

Rev Theory

Angels Fall