Henry Juszkiewicz, chairman and chief executive officer of Gibson Guitar, recently appeared on BBC TV’s Breakfast program, where he was interviewed by business presenter Simon Jack.

Juszkiewicz explained that the guitar business has historically done very well in times of recession, explaining that the guitar is “actually a very affordable pastime.”

He then introduced the revolutionary new Gibson Firebird X, with its eight microprocessors, saying that it is like “like an expensive sports car” for the “aficionado.”

Juszkiewicz is optimistic for the future since “more young people are playing the guitar” – a fact borne out perhaps by the BBC, who report that twice as many guitars were sold in the U.K. in 2010 as in 1998.

Jack then gave the audience an enthusiastic rendition of “Layla” on a gleaming Gibson SG.

Watch the complete interview here.