Gibson announces its “ROCK OUT LOUD” event at the Gibson Guitar Artist Showroom, located at 1205 King St. West in Toronto on Thursday, November 15 from 7:00 pm- 9:00 PM. 

The event will showcase the Hasbro POWER TOUR Electric Guitar, an exciting new product that allows tweens to pound out power chords, shred leads and rock right out of the box, all on a replica Gibson Guitar. The “ROCK OUT LOUD” event will feature special performances by Juno Award winners Theory of a Dead Man and Fefe Dobson, as well as Hasbro Power Tour Guitar band, Sideshow. Also tweens between the ages of 7-14 will have the opportunity to ROCK OUT on the POWER TOUR Electric Guitar and WIN one of their very own!

In addition to the performances, guests can check out the latest and greatest TIGER offering and to have an exclusive interview with the TIGER Marketing Team, by visiting the GIBSON TOUR BUS (located outside the Gibson Guitar Artist Showroom) between 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm.

The event is by invitation only and complimentary food and drinks will be served.  

Guests who would like to attend, please R.S.V.P to

About the POWER TOUR Electric Guitar

Tweens have never rocked this hard, this easy! With the POWER TOUR Electric Guitar, music enthusiasts can choose to learn how to play the twelve pre-loaded songs or plug in an MP3 player and jam along to their favourite rockin’ tunes all on the innovative Gibson Guitar shaped product.

To learn the twelve onboard songs, aspiring rock legends first select a song—choices include six classic rock anthems such as Wild Thing, Smoke on the Water and Breaking the Law, as well as several rock originals like Basic Strumming Blues. Once a song is selected, tweens simply follow along to the lights - the POWER TOUR Electric Guitar will ‘light’ the way to where fingers should be placed so tweens can play at their own speed, hitting the right notes at the right time.

Featuring touch sensors instead of strings, the POWER TOUR Electric Guitar removes the steep learning curve and intimidation factor usually associated with a real guitar. When the guitar is in ‘learn’ mode, players are introduced to each song segment by segment, lights along the fret and strum bar guide the guitarist. Once the player is able to correctly play the segment, the next segment of notes is introduced. If the player gets the segment wrong, the POWER TOUR Electric Guitar will play back the example a little slower. This cycle will continue until the segment is mastered, the process is continued until the entire song has been learned. Once tweens master the song, they can switch the guitar to ‘band’ mode and rock out to backing tracks—just like they have their own band! As players learn, they can select from rock songs of increasing difficulty, and even change the guitar’s sound to ‘metal,’ ‘punk,’ ‘rock,’ or ‘indie.’

Featuring authentic guitar sounds, the POWER TOUR Electric Guitar boasts lots of really cool guitar features including strum bar, palm mute bar, whammy control, input/output jacks, touch sensors, multicolored LED lights and dual function knobs! The POWER TOUR Electric Guitar also features classic “Gibson Guitar” shape and styling, just like the professional versions.

Turn It On, Turn It Up, Rock Out™! The POWER TOUR Electric Guitar (ages 10 years and up) will be available Fall 2007 for the approximate retail price of $79.99. Four “AA” batteries are required but not included.

Also available this fall, turn things up a notch with the POWER TOUR AMP—an awesome way to rock out even LOUDER! Use this super cool amp with the POWER TOUR Electric Guitar, or a standard MP3 player, and watch the lights pulse to the beat of your magnified music. Volume dial goes up to 11—so plug in and rock out! The POWER TOUR AMP (ages 10 years and up) will be available Fall 2007 for the approximate retail price of $59.99. Four “C” batteries are required but not included.