Gibson Gear is proud to introduce a line of new guitar straps that match the best in style with the ultimate in comfort. The straps include the Modern Vintage Comfort Strap, the Switchblade Comfort Strap, the Fatboy Comfort Strap and the Montana Comfort Strap.

Each strap features half-inch-thick memory foam padding wrapped in soft and thick, top-quality leather. Yet, each one has a look and feel all its own.

Modern Vintage Comfort Strap: This strap pairs the look of a classic strap with the comfort of something more state-of-the-art. Wrapped in top-quality Latigo cowhide, the Modern Vintage features detail stitching and a nickel buckle to enhance its classic look. Available in Black and Heritage Cherry.

Switchblade Comfort Strap: Perhaps the most comfortable strap ever made, the Switchblade includes a high-tech nylon buckle (with quick-release connect) and a brilliant elastic design for added comfort. The black strap includes a wide, thick and soft leather pad.

Fatboy Comfort Strap: When you want to sling your guitar in luxury, reach for a Fatboy. The black strap includes 1.75” dual full-grain leather straps to ensure the perfect fit while you rock out.

Montana Comfort Strap: Featuring designs from three of the world’s most famous acoustic guitars (Gibson’s J-200, Hummingbird and Dove), the super-comfortable tan strap features a wide, soft-brushed cotton pad and suede leather backing on the end tabs.

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